About Abbey

As early in her childhood as she can remember, Abbey was fascinated with horses and begged her parents for a horse of her own. When she was 10, her parents gave her Paco, a Quarter Horse mare. “She was blind and hadn’t had much handling, but that didn’t matter to me,” Abbey says. “All I cared about was that she was mine.”

While Abbey loved Paco and enjoyed spending time with her, it soon became apparent that their relationship wasn’t going to resemble the dream she’d had of owning a horse. “It wasn’t long before Paco started getting a little nippy and pushy, and I wasn’t sure how to deal with it,” Abbey says.
With no horsemanship experience, Abbey was frustrated and not sure what to do. One thing was clear, though, Paco was becoming increasingly dangerous and Abbey needed help.

Her mom remembered coming across an Australian horse trainer on TV and recommended Abbey check out his Downunder Horsemanship program. “For someone like me who had no horsemanship knowledge, Clinton made learning how to work with a horse easy to understand. I was green, and my horse was not only green but also blind, and we were able to make progress and develop a safe partnership with the Method,” Abbey says.

Along with the training advice she received from Downunder Horsemanship, Abbey also liked how supportive the Method community is. “It’s always been like a close-knit family to me. I’ve felt at home here compared to other training programs,” she says.

The minute she learned about the Clinician Academy, Abbey knew that she’d be attending one day and establishing a career as a Method Ambassador. Before attending the Academy, the dedicated horsewoman graduated high school early and did an internship on a ranch in Minnesota to gain experience working with a variety of horses, allowing her to hone her feel and timing.

“I want to be the person with answers whom others can go to when they’re frustrated and not sure what to do with their horses. I’ve been there and know that feeling,” Abbey says. “I love helping people and enjoy encouraging them to achieve their dreams and work toward building a successful partnership with their horses.”