About Aimee

You know that daredevil kid who can ride the hair off any horse? That was Aimee growing up at the hunter/jumper barns where she rode as a kid. “It’s amazing to think back to some of the things I did and wonder how I survived,” Aimee says.

Both Aimee’s mother and sister are avid horsewomen, and when Aimee’s mother introduced her daughters to the Method, Aimee immediately liked the results she got with her horses. “I didn’t let the fact that Clinton rides in a western saddle deter me from learning from him. I’ve been around a lot of different training styles, and I like Clinton’s approach the best,” Aimee explains. “I think it’s easy for horses and humans to understand.”

Aimee routinely rescues horses from kill pens and auctions, retrains them using the Method and finds them good homes. Along with her training business, she has a thriving lesson program established. Making a career out of training horses and teaching people was always a lifelong dream, and gaining certification from Clinton was the perfect fit to fuel her career. “I love teaching people how to do things with their horses that they didn’t think were possible. I’m excited to help spread the word that the Method works for all disciplines, and I want to inspire younger horsemen to follow the Method,” Aimee says.