About Cade

Growing up just outside of Knoxville in the rolling valleys of Seymour, Tennessee, Cade split his time between riding horses and playing baseball. His family had him in the saddle by the time he was 6, and he competed in calf roping until he left for college on a baseball scholarship.

After college, he returned to his horsemanship roots and took a position at Deer Run Farm in Maryville, Tennessee. The facility uses the Method to train and work its horses, and Cade was expected to know Clinton’s philosophy and the exercises that make up his approach to horsemanship. “I’d known about the Method for a while because I grew up riding with people who used it,” Cade says. “I saw firsthand the benefits training horses with it and looked forward to learning it in depth.”

In his new position, Cade got busy studying the Downunder Horsemanship training kits and worked on refining his skills. “The more I used the Method, the more I became a believer in it. It just works. There’s really nothing else to say. Any horse you put through it is solid, with no issues. That’s not something you can say about a lot of other training approaches,” he says.

Cade attended the Academy to fine-tune his understanding of the Fundamentals and to finesse his feel and timing as a horseman. “I enjoy watching horses progress in their training, from the beginning when they’re unsure until you’ve got them using the thinking side of their brain and responding well,” he explains.

As an Ambassador, Cade enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with horse owners and training horses. “One of the best features of the Method is that anybody can do it. It’s laid out step-by-step, and if you follow it, you’ll get results,” Cade says. “I look forwarding to helping people become better horsemen and reach their personal goals.”