About Chris

As a young boy growing up in the Midwest, Chris lived in town with his family, went to rodeos with his dad and dreamed of riding horses. Though his family whet his passion for horses by taking him on trail rides, it didn’t stop him from dreaming of the day he could own a horse of his own. He made his way through school, served in the Army and found his way to horses.

A friend gave Chris a copy of one of Clinton’s training tapes, and it set Chris on a life-changing adventure. “Even though I felt I had my horses going well before, I realized I had a lot of holes in my game. Since studying the Method, I’ve been able to fill those holes in and become a better horseman,” Chris says.

With his newfound knowledge, Chris started to take in horses, training them and then selling them to good homes. At the same time, he built a quiet reputation in his area for not only being a knowledgeable horse trainer but a good instructor. “I’ve always loved dealing with horses and working with them, and when I started working with people back home, I realized I liked to teach as well,” Chris explains.

That passion and desire to share his knowledge led him to pursuing the Academy and becoming a Certified Clinician, an honor few achieve. Today, Chris is focusing on teaching horsemen in his local area and training horses for the public. “Getting to make a living doing what I love is an unbelievable opportunity. I believe strongly in the Method and enjoy sharing it with others,” he says.