About Hailey

From barrel racing to trick riding to being a stunt double, Hailey’s horsemanship journey has been action-packed from the start. The dedicated horsewoman was born into a rodeo family and raised on her family’s poultry farm in Abbotsford, British Columbia. “My mom had me in the saddle with her when I was only 3 weeks old. I’ve loved horses since forever,” Hailey says.

Hailey started her horsemanship career in Pony Club and then switched her focus to barrel racing and eventually got into trick riding with her sister. The two performed together as an act at rodeos and equine events across Canada and the Northwestern United States, including the Calgary Stampede. In high school, Hailey competed on her school’s rodeo team.

After graduating high school and attending culinary school, Hailey focused on her barrel racing career and started her own training business, taking in mainly barrel horses. “It was when I was having trouble with a client’s horse that a friend told me about Clinton and his Bending at the Walk exercise. I watched his training video and it made sense and helped me with that horse. From that point on, I watched every possible video of his that I could find,” she says.

Her desire to learn as much about the Method as she could led her to attend a tour in Buckeye, Arizona. At the event, she learned about the Academy and made plans to attend the course. “Clinton’s emphasis on safety is why I have so much respect for the Method. Even though I was a trick rider and have been a stunt double, when you’re going to as many rodeos and jackpots as I do and riding as many horses as I ride, safety has to be a priority,” Hailey says. “The more I learned about the Academy, the more I thought about how great an opportunity it would be for me to hone my skills and get hands-on instruction.”

Today, Hailey continues to barrel race and is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the Method and helping horse owners enjoy their horses and reach their personal goals. “No matter the discipline or a horse’s age or breed, if you follow the Method, you will get results,” Hailey says. “It works. It’s that simple.”