About Jordan

Jordan was born crazy about horses and looked forward to summer camps where she could get in the saddle and spend her days doing what she loved best. “I wanted a horse of my own so badly. I’d ask my parents to buy me one, but their answer was that if I wanted a horse, I’d have to buy it myself,” Jordan says.

So the determined horsewoman rolled up her sleeves and did a bunch of odd jobs to earn cash. “And then I did exactly what Clinton tells people not to do: I bought a 6-month-old filly. I was 12 and had no idea how to train a horse. It was the whole ‘green plus green equals disaster’ situation he warns against,” she says.

While watching TV with her father, they stumbled across Clinton’s program. “I remember my dad turning to me and saying, ‘This guy is good,’ and I had to agree,” Jordan says. “I started studying the videos and any information I could find about the Method. The results I got with my filly, Belle, made me want to learn more.”

In high school, Jordan rode on her school’s hunter/jumper equestrian team and began making plans to attend the Clinician Academy. “I believe that whatever you do in life, you should surround yourself by the best. I knew that if I wanted a career with horses, I needed to learn from Clinton,” Jordan says. “Excellence is the bare minimum that he accepts, and I wanted to be in that environment.”

As a Method Ambassador, Jordan is dedicated to helping others learn how to use the Method to develop fun, safe partnerships with their horses. “I’ve had the opportunity now to work with a wide variety of horses, and I know beyond a doubt that the Method works on any horse, no matter the horse’s background or discipline,” Jordan says. “I love helping people and working with their horses and seeing them connect. It’s a career that allows me to wake up each morning excited about the day ahead and offers the opportunity to constantly grow as a horseman. It doesn’t get any better than that.”