About Karen

A French Canadian, Karen grew up in Quebec, where she explored trails on horseback and, as a teenager, took English riding lessons. After establishing a career in massage therapy and opening two clinics that specialize in treating muscle and joint issues, Karen was able to get her first horse by the time she was 30.

She continued to spend her time in the saddle riding trails, and for the past few years, she has escaped Canada’s winters by taking her horses on trail-riding vacations in the deserts of Arizona.

Always dedicated to bettering herself as a horsewoman, Karen’s made a point of keeping an open mind and picking up tips from a variety of trainers. “At one point, I was studying a natural horsemanship program, but was disappointed with the slow evolution of my progress with my horses,” Karen says.

Her friend, who was doing the program with her, came across Downunder Horsemanship and signed up for the No Worries Club. “She shared the success she was having with me and convinced me to become a member as well,” Karen says. “I immediately loved the step-by-step, dummy-proof way Clinton laid the Method out. It’s clean and simple, and best of all, it works.”

A few months after discovering the Method, Karen had a dream that she was participating in the Clinician Academy. “When I woke up, I remembered how happy and accomplished I felt. I decided to make the dream come true,” she says.

As a Method Ambassador, Karen enjoys helping people develop safe, fun partnerships with their horses. “I truly believe in the Method and I think a lot of people and their horses could benefit from an ambassador’s help,” Karen says. “I know the huge difference the Method has made in my horsemanship, and I know that it would help others be able to enjoy their journey with their horse so much more.”