About Kayla

Kayla grew up riding ponies and horses, and got her first pony at age 13. Although the cantankerous pony bucked her off and dodged into trees to unseat her, Kayla kept climbing back up in the saddle. From the pony, she graduated to an ex-racehorse that came with his share of quirks. “That’s when I was introduced to Clinton. A friend told me to check out his training method, and I loved how much sense it made and the results I got with my horse,” Kayla says.

At 15, she started working at a training barn where she began as an apprentice and then worked her way up to training four horses a day using the Method. “I got to where I could do the Method, but the exercises were just not as good as they could be. It was like I was stuck in the concept lesson for the advanced exercises. I was learning in little increments, but I knew that if I could work with Clinton, I would learn and progress a hundred times faster,” Kayla says.

She found her answer in the Academy. “I wanted a career in the horse world and I love to train horses and enjoy helping people. I knew the Academy would give me the knowledge I needed to be a better horse trainer and it would help me learn how to teach people better,” Kayla says.