About Morgan

While Morgan was nonchalant about getting into horses, once she discovered how much fun riding could be, horsemanship consumed her life. “When we were kids, my older sister wanted to join 4-H and show horses. I wasn’t interested in horses at the time, but being the younger sister, I always wanted to do whatever she did,” Morgan remembers. “What’s funny is she ended up not liking horses at all and I fell in love with them.”

The Colorado horsewoman started her horsemanship journey with Buster, a been-there-done-that gelding. “He was the perfect first horse because he built my confidence and allowed me to make mistakes and learn,” Morgan says.

A few years after joining 4-H, she came across the Method and was drawn to Clinton’s approach to training. “Even as a kid, I understood what he was talking about and could practice the exercises with my horse,” she says. “My mom and dad noticed I was interested in the Method and began buying me the Downunder Horsemanship training kits and equipment for my birthdays and Christmases.”

Morgan studied the information, and along with participating in 4-H, she rode on a drill team and competed in local shows. When she graduated high school and aged out of 4-H, she became a club leader and an active member of her local riding club.

In 2019, she traveled to the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch to participate in a 10-day Fundamentals/Intermediate Clinic. “I took a horse I’d started a few months prior and did really well with her. It was rewarding to know that I was on the right track, and the whole experience really inspired me to look into attending the Academy and establishing a career in the horse industry,” Morgan says.

With her family’s encouragement, she enrolled in the course and started her dream career. Her passion as an ambassador is training safe, dependable horses and helping people find the right horse to partner with. “I’ve seen so many people accept dangerous behavior from their horses and end up getting scared or hurt and getting out of horses all together,” Morgan says. “I was lucky to start out with a great horse and want to help other people do the same so that they’re encouraged to enjoy their horses instead of getting scared or frustrated and giving up.”