About Sara

Watching a video of Clinton and his Australian Quarter Horse mare Mindy’s last liberty performance together drew Sara into the Method. The Northern California horsewoman had taken riding lessons since she was 4 and rode any and every horse that she could. “I lived and breathed horses and was at the barn every chance that I got,” she says.

A passion to learn as much as she could about horsemanship and picking up knowledge wherever she could is how she stumbled across the video of Clinton and Mindy taken at the 2010 Las Vegas Walkabout Tour. “I was 14 at the time, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I knew from then on that learning the Method was what I wanted to do,” she says.

So when she got Captain, her first horse, she also invested in the Fundamentals Kit and set to work teaching the groundwork and riding exercises to the gelding. “One of the best things about the Method is that it gives you tools for your horsemanship tool belt. No matter what problem you may be having with a horse, you always have a way to fix it. There’s no questioning what to do,” she says.

After taking Captain through the Fundamentals on her own, Sara wanted to refine her skills and keep progressing with her horsemanship. She began taking lessons from Method Ambassador Janis Scott, and soon Janis became a valued mentor to Sara. “I followed her around as much as she would let me, sticking to her like a fly and learning everything I could from her,” Sara says.

Ever since discovering the Method, Sara dreamed of attending the Academy and learning at the ranch. As a Method Ambassador, she’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with other horsemen. “Before I knew about the Method, there were times when I lacked confidence around horses or didn’t know what to do when a problem came up. That’s incredibly frustrating,” she says. “Now that I have the knowledge, I’m excited to help people learn how to better communicate with their horses and gain confidence.”