About Shannon

When it comes to horsemanship, Shannon never stops finding ways to utilize the Method to build better relationships between horse and rider. Shannon graduated from the Academy in 2016 and works out of her ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas. You’ll often see Shannon at Versatility Ranch Horse shows and Reined Cow Horse competitions. Her clients range from new horse owners to ranch show competitors.

While the Texas horsewoman rode as a kid, it wasn’t until 2013 that she got to her horse roots. That year, she finished cancer treatments and found herself sitting in the auction barn at the San Antonio Stock Show taking in the action. “A yearling stud colt was walked into the arena, and I decided I wanted him. I bought him right there,” she says. “I didn’t have a halter, a lead rope, a way to get him home or even a place to keep him, but I had my own horse.”

After realizing she didn’t know the first thing about training a horse, Shannon turned to the Method. “The biggest thing I like about the Method is that it’s reproducible. If you follow the recipe, you get good results. It’s not easy, but it’s a nice recipe and I like Clinton’s communication style,” Shannon says.

Since then, Shannon’s been to multiple clinics and private lessons that have covered the Fundamentals through Colt Starting. “Training horses feels like music to me. It has a rhythm and a beat. Sometimes it’s head banger and crazy, sometimes it’s hip hop and has a nice beat to it, and sometimes it’s like jazz and it’s really smooth. The horses were my therapy after cancer treatment, and I found that I could give to them the same empowerment I gave to the people I helped in my career as an executive coach,” she says.

Shannon continues to study the Method, coaches riders and sells her personal Method-trained horses for novice and amateur show pen competitors for AQHA and Stock Horse events, including Western Ranch Trail, Ranch Riding, Ranch Reining and Working Cow. With National Cutting Horse Association, National Reined Cow Horse Association, Stock Horse of Texas, and American Quarter Horse Association earnings/points, you can count on her to help you leverage the Method for Ranch Riding competitions. Her niche as a Method Ambassador is to help Novice and Amateur riders utilize the Method to develop and show in entry level Ranch Versatility. Shannon can be contacted for coaching and to purchase exceptional Method-trained horses.