Drew R.

Regarding Lombard, you accomplished everything I expected and more. It was clear that Lombard trusted you and also that he had excellent care. Your every-two-week phone calls and follow up were accurate and informative. The time you spent with me and Lombard made me feel as if I were in the Fundamentals level video. With me, you told me how to do things right in a positive way that helped me realize what I was doing wrong but did not make me feel dumb or inadequate. I have found that to be rare in most of the clinics I have attended. The work you did with Lombard was very impressive, and as I said, brought out the reality that had only been what I thought was potential. As you know, I felt as if this was Lombard’s last chance to be started on a pathway to becoming a good riding horse because I could not get help around here. Having seen your results and the ranch and knowing, as both you and Clinton said, that I can get help in the future gives the most hope I have had about Lombard in a long time.