Lorrie C.

Last week, I picked up my 10-year-old Quarter Horse mare, Diamond, at your ranch after six weeks of training in the Academy program. I just wanted to let you know that I always had confidence in the program and in the Method, but the results far surpassed my expectations! At no time did I have any concerns about Diamond’s training and the care and attention she would receive while there. It was definitely professional and top quality from the first phone call with Shana to my lesson day at the ranch with Jake. I had several people ask me why I was spending so much money for training when I could find a trainer for a lot less. My answer to them was because I had confidence in the program and knew what I could expect from it. I had heard so many stories of horses coming home the same or worse after going to “trainers.” I knew that you have very high standards and you expect only the best from your clinicians and students and that I could expect no less. Diamond was a very reactive horse and I didn’t trust her in situations where I didn’t know what she would do. She wouldn’t go through water, and it seemed everything that moved and/or made a noise would frighten her. I had started her with the Fundamentals program and could see some improvement in her. One of my problems was that I didn’t have the time and experience to be consistent with her so that she could get that good foundation. Even though Jake is new to the program, I feel he did a top-notch job with Diamond. He presented himself in a very professional and confident manner. During my lesson, he made things very clear for me and exhibited good communication skills and patience. In my opinion, he will make a terrific clinician and will be an excellent representative of you and your program. Thank you again for giving me the horse I always knew Diamond could be!