Sharon McClain

Just wanted to send a quick update on our Skip (Mitch put him through the Method at Downunder Horsemanship this past summer). We had told Mitch that when we got Skip back to Santa Fe, he had an accident and cut a leg very seriously. So then he was out of commission for most of the winter. Got back on him and he did very well. We had our first show in January, not a lot of riding due to weather beforehand, but he did very well and placed in all of his classes! Just got back from the February show, we were able to do more riding and he was better and placed first in horsemanship classes and placed high every class! Once again, the Method is wonderful! And more “thank yous” to Mitch; Skip was his first horse and he did a great job! We hope he is doing well! The whole process was a wonderful experience and everyone that we met was extremely professional and helpful!